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CO-HUP is a company that supports entrepreneurs in the kingdom and every business, both small and large, in providing places and rooms that each entrepreneur needs in his own business.

So CO-HUP is one of the best companies in Saudi Arabia in this area, and we start from where others end up providing a number of features to be limited and distinguished from others in terms of the value of these services in supporting and succeeding your business and professionalization in our company.

And possibly the most important reason for the added value you’re going to get as a special client to get up and start with your business is a lot and a lot.

  • We take away the frustration of looking for a workplace in providing an smart work environment in which all the tasks, supplies, places and people you need to serve are best served.
  • Conference rooms equipped to hold face-to-face and virtual meetings at the same headquarters can easily be reserved
  • Modern, unique, furnished, high-end offices that match your needs and ambition
  • Provision of high-speed Internet networks to an unlimited number of devices secured from any attempted hacking or spying
  • Cyclical maintenance and hygiene of offices, as well as the provision of a high-level control system, surveillance cameras and a narrow security system
  • Supporting a professional secretary and a private secretary who responds to your calls and turns them into your home or other offices.
  • A special buffet room for all drinks and snacks


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