Coworking Creative Space

Getting an office equipped to work is the most cost-effective solution in a traditional lease that can allow you to save money compared to setting up and equipping your own office. Unlike traditional office space

Meeting Conference Rooms

We provide common workspace, incubators and business accelerators, as well as logistics and management services, training, extension and consulting services for start-ups.

Business Space Rental

Getting an office equipped to work is the most cost-effective solution in a traditional lease.

Creative Digital Agency

We have a team of staff at your service at the highest level of technology, training and consulting.
To fully support your work and effective management in accordance with your established strategic plans

Don't accept less than you deserve.

We provide co-working spaces, incubators and business accelerators, as well as logistics and administrative services, legal and financial advisory services to start-ups with a view to creating a vibrant community among entrepreneurs to benefit from each other, as well as programmes and events involving universities, large companies and investors.


Special Offices

Take your new business headquarters through a high-end level of equipment on which a company works COHUB through a private office to run your business flexibly and seamlessly with your staff - Through strong office fittings from furniture to ultra-fast Wi-Fi network In order to be able to focus on improving your business and driving it forward through the technology and support infrastructure provided by the business orbit in the form of a private executive office with a sliding and secure custom glass door with typical views of the Kingdom's famous tower through our space headquarters... So your new title is our headquarters address and our unique location.


Virtual Offices

The idea of virtual office has been launched because the world is now one village thanks to telecommunications technology and the spider network. It is a productive and practical idea for novice entrepreneurs in the form of a new business or start-ups - you will get all the basic services from cohub except physical service (i.e. furnished office)



Co-Working Spaces

Discover with us common office space from COHUB Designed with a view to enhancing collaboration with the business community of similar interests and ideas, it is a new office enterprise system of workspace where people from different companies share a common open space rather than working in a private office in order to develop your business with those who share ideas and management with you. This creates a dynamic and productive working environment. Common spaces are in expanded rooms with full basic services of COHUB , technological structure and support while providing high-end and practical office furniture with precise shared designs


Special Meeting Rooms

A large VIP meeting room dedicated to entrepreneurs, foreign investors and small, medium and large companies. It is a multi-purpose meeting room that is equipped for meetings of beginner entrepreneurs and company owners. It is also leased to event organizers, symposiums and honors parties. We equip it fully and take into account the simplicity of using interiors, furniture and all practical supplies that are available for all meetings and meetings by owners.


Multi-purpose Meeting Rooms

Multi-use offices or meeting rooms for business, foreign investors and small, medium and large companies - important for decision makers as they reflect the outcomes of lengthy meetings and important discussions and sessions between board members, meeting an important client or a weekly and monthly meeting between company owners and employees. This Hall is equipped by Koohab Company for rent and takes into account the importance of these rooms to the target group. The Hall is divided into separate offices with all administrative services as well as the meeting room with the latest supplies and additions that take into account luxury, quality and sophistication.


Training Meeting Room

A meeting room for training purposes where the hall is equipped for training centres, lecturers and trainers in all activities and fields - it is also made available for practical and theoretical training by workers in different training sectors

We Care about our Clients.

The specifics of our services are unique and give absolute confidence to you and your Business in all the details of the places and equipment we offer you in Co-Hub in order to create a calm and necessary atmosphere for your Business.

  • WIFI 5g Internet
    High-speed Internet networks for an unlimited number of secure devices from any attempted hacking or espionage
  • Personal Lockers
    We provide personal lockers for the safety of important items and paperwork, and we care about your maximum protection.
  • Hosting Room
    A guest room with drinks and food at rest periods
  • Security Cameras
    We provide a security system for all locations with state-of-the-art control cameras and occupational safety.
  • Office Supplies
    We provide a private phone, address, email, and Calls return and transfer
  • Sterile Rooms
    We apply all the criteria of sterilization, hygiene and hygiene.
  • Parking Garage
    There's a private high-security garage all day.
  • Phones Lines
    a lot of large landline phones in your service.
  • Cool Rooms
    All of our rooms are adapted to state-of-the-art air condition and cooling equipment.
  • Office Furniture
    Inspiring furniture and office decorations that fit the size and value of your work
  • More Services
    We have all the other services that you need to achieve and succeed in our work.


We always take pride in our partners and their support for CO-HUB clients in all the essential areas you need to carry out your Business.

Rental of a fully equipped conference room from CO-HUB

Enjoy the experience of watching our conference room spaces, and equipment

Client Reviws

I was happy to be in CO-HUP and I found a great reception for my clients, so I decided to be with them constantly.

Hend Abd-Salam

I've been helped by a lot of legal advice and contracts, and I'm always going to make reservations with them.

Eng Mohamed Makhlouf

A great place has benefited a lot, and I've done enough for my work.

Fayez Al-Gmeedy

An excellent, cooperative and professional working group and I recommend deal with them.

Dr Ahmed Mabrouk
A professor
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